Craps – An Action-Packed, Exciting Dice Game

If you love excitement, entertainment, and the prospect of winning huge sums of money, you’ll love playing Craps at these top online casinos that accept players from Nigeria!

All you need to be able to place a bet and guess the outcome of rolls of six-sided dice is a laptop or computer, and an internet connection! Correct guesses will see you lay claim to fantastic prizes!

You’ll find several variations of the game at these casino sites, and you’ll have the option to download the casino software on to your computer or to play the Flash versions of the games online, directly from your web browser. Learn the rules and enhance your playing skills with the free-play trial versions of the games, and once you’re confident enough to play with real money, you can make deposits using a number of secure methods.

Enjoy Online Craps at the Best Casinos

Online versions of Craps have kept the same basic format players would encounter in land-based casinos; usually a table with specific betting areas. The payouts are determined by the position of the chips on the table.

When playing the game at these great Nigerian online casinos, you will be able to place a wager on the outcome of one roll or on a series of rolls of two six-sided dice. Once the dice have been rolled, the numbers will be added for the score of the roll.

When it comes to certain bets, the numbers on each dice are important – for example, a 9 made up of a 3 and a 6 is different to a 9 made up of a 4 and a 5. Among the bets you may encounter while playing the game are Any Craps, Any Seven, Pass Line, Don’t Pass Bar, Don’t Come Bar, Come, Big Six, Big Eight, Buy Bet, Field Bet, Place Bet to Lose, Hardway Bet, and Lay Bet.

The Pass Line bet is the most basic one, and this bet is placed at the beginning of each round. If the first roll results in a 7 or 11 at even money, you’ll win the bet. A 2, 3, or 12 will bring a loss. If any other number is rolled, that number will become the Point, and you would need to roll the Point a second time before a 7 is rolled for the Pass Line Bet to pay out at even money.

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Back up your Bet and Take the Odds

Once a Point has been determined, you will be able to back up your Pass Line Bet with more money. In Craps, this is known as ‘Taking the odds’. This bet will pay out at different odds, depending on the point.

Players at these great online casinos that accept Nigerian players often bet between three and five times their Pass Line Bets when taking the odds. A two-to-one payout occurs on a Point of 4 or 10, a three-to-two payout occurs on a Point of 5 or 9, and a six-to-five payout occurs on a Point of 6 or 8.

Easy to Play Craps with Real Money

Players from Nigeria who want to place real-money bets before guessing the outcome of the Craps dice can do so using a number of safe, secure options.  Your personal and financial details, and your deposits and withdrawals, will be protected by 128 bit SSL data encryption technology and anti-fraud software.

Online craps can be very rewarding and the best Nigerian casinos all offer incredible rewards for correctly predicting the roll of the dice.

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